One of the primary goals for was to create an easy to navigate, compressive archive that provides a basic foundation of historical materials for research. It your interests go beyond the basic, we encourage to visit some of these websites for additional information that chronicles the Apollo Program.
CollectSPACE is simply one of the best websites for space related news and historical information. This website features an impressive directory of external resources for all Apollo and Space related interests, in addition to space news headlines, events, museum and archive directories.
spacedotcom.jpg is an excellent space news related website with daily headlines and feature stories.
The Apollo Lunar Surface is an exceptional and must visit archive for Apollo researchers and general enthusiasts. Included are detailed transcripts of all recorded radio transmissions between the lunar surface and Mission Control.
The following is a basic directory of NASA’s on-line resources. This is not to be considered a definitive source listing. Click on the red text link:
NASA Main Portal
NASA History Division
The official NASA History website with extensive space history archives.
NASA Human Spaceflight History
NASA History Archive chronicling Project Mercury through the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.
NASA Oral History Project
A fantastic resource for researchers interest in the Apollo Project at every level. Historical interviews were conducted at various organizational levels ranging from support staff to the astronauts.
Project Apollo Archive
The Project Apollo Archive is a definitive and comprehensive online reference source and repository of digital images pertaining to the historic manned lunar landing program. This archive was designed as companion site to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal. Included are high resolution images from the Apollo Hasselblad Film Magazines taken by the Apollo Astronauts. These images were scanned by Johnson Space Center staff members at NASA from the original film rolls. Also included are EVA Maps, Diagrams, a Lunar Lander Simulator and reference tables. It is rated as one of our favorite Apollo History Websites.
NASA Images
The NASA Images Archive is a definitive multi-source network of NASA multimedia film and print media. This archive pools NASA media from Kennedy and Johnson Space Centers to name only a few. This is an excellent on-line source for space related photos.
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