Apollo 14 LogoApollo 14

Launched: January 31, 1971
Landed: February 3, 1971, Fra Mauro Region
Splashed Down: February 9, 1971


Following the frightening problems of Apollo 13, almost ten months elapsed before we returned to the Moon with Apollo 14. This flight marked the return to space of America's first spaceman, Alan B. Shepard, who had first flown aboard Freedom 7 a decade earlier.

Shepard and Mitchell had to scrap a planned rock-collecting trip to the 1,000 foot wide Cone Crater when they became disoriented and almost got lost. Interestingly, it was later discovered that they were only a little over 30 yards from the crater's rim when they gave up the search.

After their return aboard the Command Module "Kitty Hawk,", the three Apollo 14 astronauts became the last to be required to undergo a period of quarantine.

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