The Authors

Ivan D. Ertel has been the Assistant Historian of the Manned Spacecraft Center since September 1964. Born in Marion, New York (1914) he received his B.B.A. degree from Georgia State College, Atlanta, Georgia (1958). He was news editor of Atlanta's Suburban Reporter, East Point, Georgia, and the Decatur-DeKalb News, Decatur, Georgia (1954-1957). Before coming to NASA in 1961 he was Press Officer at Headquarters, Third Army. Ertel established the MSC official news organ, Space News Roundup, and authored brochures and fact sheets about each Mercury and Gemini manned flight. He is married and has three daughters.

Mary Louise Morse has been a Research Associate with the Department of History of the University of Houston since the fall of 1966. Born in Beverly. Massachusetts, she received her B.S. in Education from Salem State College, Salem, Massachusetts (1947), and her M.A. in History from Columbia University (1950). She was a senior editor with the MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, before moving to Houston.

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