Appendix 1

Glossary of Abbreviations

ASPO - Apollo Spacecraft Program Office

BP - Boilerplate

CM - Command module

CSM - Command and service modules

EDD - Engineering and Development Directorate

GAEC - Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation

GE - General Electric Company

HF - High frequency

IBM - International Business Machines Corporation

ITT - International Telephone and Telegraph Company

KSC - Kennedy Space Center

LEM - Lunar excursion module

LES - Launch escape system

LEV - Launch escape vehicle

LOC - Launch Operations Center

LTV - Ling-Temco-Vought

MCC - Mission Control Center

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MSC - Manned Spacecraft Center

MSF - Manned Space Flight

MSFC - Marshall Space Flight Center

NAA - North American Aviation, Inc.

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

OMSF - Office of Manned Space Flight

OSSA - Office of Space Sciences and Applications

RASPO - Resident Apollo Spacecraft Program Office

RCA - Radio Corporation of America

RF - Radio frequency

SM - Service module

STL - Space Technology Laboratories, Inc.

VHF - Very high frequency

WSMR - White Sands Missile Range

WSTF - White Sands Test Facility

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