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Flight Summary

[November 8, 1962, through September 30, 1964]

The launches described in this table include only those related to the exploration of the moon: unmanned lunar probes, unmanned tests of spacecraft designed for later manned missions, and manned spacecraft flights. The table is not intended as a comprehensive summary of all American and Soviet space flights.

AMR - Atlantic Missile Range

PMR - Pacific Missile Range

WSMR - White Sands Missile Range

WS - Wallops Station

F - Failure

S - Success

                                           Launch          Performance
                                           Vehicle      Veh Pay- Mission
Name     General Mission                   (Site)           load Results
====     ===============                   =======      === ==== =======


November 16

Saturn   Launch vehicle development        Saturn C-1    S     S     S
(SA-3)   test ("Project Highwater")        (AMR)

December 16

Explorer Scientific micrometeoroid         Scout         S     S     S
XVI      satellite                         (WS)


March 28

Saturn   Launch vehicle development test   Saturn C-1    S     S     S
(SA-4)   ("engine out"  capability test)   (AMR)

April 2

Lunik    Lunar probe - reported attempt    Unknown          Unknown
IV       to soft-land instrument package   (U.S.S.R.)

April 2

Explorer Measure atmospheric  density,     Thor-Delta    S     S     S
XVII     composition, pressure, and        (AMR)
         temperature at altitudes of 
         249 to 933 kilometers
         (155 to 580 miles)

May 15

Faith 7  Project Mercury manned one-day    Atlas         S     S     S
(MA-9)   mission - fourth US manned        (AMR)
         orbital flight

June 14

Vostok   Manned orbital space flight.      Unknown       S     S     S
V        First launch of second tandem     (U.S.S.R.) 

June 16

Vostok   Manned orbital space flight.      Unknown       S     S     S
VI       second launch of second tandem    (U.S.S.R.)

July 20

--       Experimental heatshield reentry   Scout         F     F     F
         (29,934 kilometers per hour)      (WS)
         (18,600mph) test

August 28

--       Prove capability of Little Joe    Little        S     S     S
         II as an Apollo spacecraft test   Joe II
         vehicle                           (WSMR)

November 7

Pad      Qualification test of Apollo      --            -     S     S
Abort-l  launch escape system to effect    (WSMR)
         a safe pad abort. (Spacecraft

November 26

Explorer To measure interplanetary         Thor-Delta    S     S     S
XVIII    magnetic fields, solar wind, and  (AMR)
         cosmic radiation between earth 
         and moon

November 27

Centaur  In-space ignition of Centaur's    Atlas-        S     S     S
II       liquid-hydrogen engines (second   Centaur
         attempt, first success)           (AMR)

December 19

Explorer To measure atmospheric            Scout         S     S     S
XIX      density fluctuations of           (PMR)
         earth's high latitudes


January 29

Saturn   Test structure and performance    Saturn I      S     S     S
(SA-5)   of 2-stage Saturn; orbit second   (AMR)

January 30

Ranger   Television photographs of moon    Atlas-        S     F     F
VI       at close range                    Agena B

April 8

Gemini-  Unmanned flight test of           Titan II      S     S     S
Titan 1  structural integrity of Gemini    (AMR)
         spacecraft and compatibility
         with launch vehicle

April 14

Project  Test of Apollo sample heatshield  Atlas D       S     S     S
Fire     material at lunar reentry speeds  (AMR)

May 13

Apollo   Test capability of launch escape  Little        S     S     S
Mission  system to propel spacecraft from  Joe II
A-001    launch vehicle during abort at    (WSMR)
         transonic speed (Spacecraft BP-12)

May 28

Apollo   First flight of an Apollo-        Saturn I      S     S     S
Mission  configured spacecraft with a      (AMR)
A-101    Saturn launch vehicle
(SA-6)   (Spacecraft BP-13)

July 28

Ranger   Television photographs of the     Atlas-        S     S     S
VII      moon at close range               Agena B

August 18

--       Experimental heatshield reentry   Scout         S     S     S
         test                              (WS)

August 25

Explorer Map irregularities in topside of  Scout         S     S     S
XX       earth's atmosphere; obtain        (PMR)
         electron densities and
         temperatures near satellite

September 18

Apollo   Demonstrate spacecraft-launch     Saturn I      S     S     S
Mission  vehicle compatibility             (AMR)
A-102    (Spacecraft BP-15)

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