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Appendix 4

Flight Summary

[October 1, 1964, through January 20, 1966]

The launches described in this table include only those related to the exploration of the moon: unmanned lunar probes, unmanned tests of spacecraft designed for later manned missions, and manned space flights. The table is not intended as a comprehensive summary of all American and Soviet space flights. The information used in this Appendix is taken primarily from Astronautics and Aeronautics, 1964, and Astronautics and Aeronautics, 1965, Appendixes A and B.

ETR - Eastern Test Range

WSMR - White Sands Missile Range

S - Successfull

P - Partially successful

U - Unsuccessful

                                           Launch          Performance
                                           Vehicle      Veh Pay- Mission
Name     General Mission                   (Site)           load Results
====     ===============                   =======      === ==== =======


December 8

Apollo   Suborbital Apollo capsule test    Little        S     S     S
(BP-23)                                    Joe 11


January 19

Gemini-  Suborbital Gemini spacecraft      Titan II      S     S     S
Titan    test                              (ETR)

February 17

Ranger   Scientific lunar probe,           Atlas-        S     S     S
VIII     photographic, transmitted 7,000   Agena B
         photos of moon                    (ETR)

March 18

Voskhod  Continuation of study of manned   Unknown       S     S     S
II       spaceflight, conduct extra-       (Baikonur,
         vehicular activity                U.S.S.R.)

March 21

Ranger   Scientific lunar probe, photo-    Atlas-        S     S     S
IX       graphic, transmitted 5,814        Agena B
         photos of moon's craters to       (ETR)
         earth before impacting

March 23

Gemini   Orbital manned Gemini flight,     Titan II      S     S     S
III      first U.S. 2-man spaceflight

May 9

Luna V   Attempt soft landing on lunar     Unknown       S  Unknown  F
         surface                           (U.S.S.R.)

May 19

Apollo   Suborbital Apollo capsule test    Little        U     S     P
(BP-22)                                    Joe II

May 22

Fire II  37,000 fps reentry test           Atlas D       S     S     S

June 3

Gemini   Orbital manned Gemini flight;     Titan II      S     S     S
IV       first U.S. extravehicular         (ETR)
         space activity

June 8

Luna VI  Investigate the moon; develop     Unknown       Unknown
         techniques and technology         (U.S.S.R.)
         for lunar investigation

June 29

Apollo   Demonstrate the capability of     Escape        S     S     S
pad      the launch escape vehicle,        rocket
abort    equipped with a canard system     (WSMR)
test     and boost protective cover, to
(BP-23A) abort from the launch pad and

August 21

Gemini   Orbital manned Gemini flight      Titan II      S     S     S
V                                          (ETR)

October 4

Luna     Soft-land on the moon; take       Unknown       Impacted on
VII      measurements of lunar en-         (U.S.S.R.)    Moon Oct 7 1965

October 25

Agena    Agena stage target vehicle for    Atlas-GATV    U           U
(GATV)   Gemini VI flight, rendezvous      (ETR)
         and docking

December 4

Gemini   Orbital manned Gemini flight,     Titan II      S     S     S
VII      endurance                         (ETR)

December 15

Gemini   Orbital manned Gemini flight,     Titan II      S     S     S
VI-A     rendezvous                        (ETR)


January 20

Apollo   Final suborbital Apollo capsule   Little        S     S     S
(A-004)  test                              Joe II

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