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Welcome to ApolloProject.com; part of the Exploring History series from HistoryArchive.com. The epic journeys of Apollo are cast into history as one of the most significant achievements of the human race. It would mark mankinds' ability to leave his home planet and explore the heavens. Twenty-four astronauts would make the historic journey and twelve men would be land upon the lunar surface and return safely to Earth.

ApolloProject.com was designed to help introduce you to the rich history of the Apollo 11 Mission and charts the epic voyages of all the historic Apollo missions. This historical archive features one of the most definitive collections of material relating to the Apollo Expeditions. We offer an extensive free on-line library with digital versions of classic NASA books and publications. These free on-line digital books include key perspectives by the architects and lunar explorers of the Apollo Missions. Contributors to this collection include chapters written by Alan Shepard, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, James Lovell, Chris Kraft, Harrison Schmitt, George Mueller, Pete Conrad, Werner Von Braun and numerous other key program figures. 

In addition, ApolloProject.com offers web-links, digital photographs, diagrams, press kits, flight plans, mission profiles, and serves as a historical reference for researchers and students seeking a basic archive library of information. If you find that your interest and research needs go beyond the basic, we an extensive on-line catalog of books and films, including some of the most definitive archives of photographs, interviews, and information chronicling the Apollo program.

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