Special Committee on Space Technology (Stever Committee)

Date of organization: January 12, 1958

Date of first meeting: February 13, 1958

Recommendations submitted to NASA: October 28, 1958

Working Group on Space Research Objectives

Working Group on Vehicular Program

Working Group on Reentry

Working Group on Range, Launch, and Tracking Facilities

Working Group on Instrumentation

Working Group an Space Surveillance

Working Group on Human Factors and Training

Working Group on Lunar Exploration

Date of formation: February 5, 1959

First meeting attended by representatives of NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, and the University of California (names of representatives are currently unavailable).

DOD-NASA Saturn Ad Hoc Committee

Date of formation: March 17, 1959

Research Steering Committee on Manned Space Flight (Goett Committee)

Date of formation: April 1-8, 1959

Date of first meeting: May 25-26, 1959

Date of last meeting: December 8-9, 1959

Booster Evaluation Committee

Date of organization: April 15, 1959

Dates of first meetings: September 16-18, 1959

New Projects Panel of the Space Task Group

Date of organization: Early July, 1959

Date of first meeting: July 12, 1959

Saturn Vehicle Team (Silverstein Committee)

Date of formation: November 27, 1959

Recommendations submitted to NASA: December 15, 1959

Abe Silverstein, Chairman

(Names of committee members are unavailable.)

Space Exploration Program Council

Date of organization: January 1960

Date of first meeting: February 10-11, 1960

Date of fifth meeting: January 5-6, 1961

Other officials, including T. Keith Glennan, Hugh L. Dryden, Abraham Hyatt, Robert C. Seamans. Jr., Aaron Rosenthal, and Donald H. Heaton, attended from time to time.

Advanced Vehicle Team (of Space Task Group)

Date of formation: May 25, 1960

Integration of the Saturn and Saturn Application Programs Study Group

Date of formation: September 2, 1960

Evaluation Board

(to consider industry proposals for Apollo spacecraft feasibility studies)

Date of appointment: October 4, 1960

Recommendations submitted to Robert R. Gilruth, Director, STG: October 24, 1960

Working Group on the Manned Lunar Landing Program

Date of organization: October 17, 1960

Apollo Technical Liaison Groups

Date of organization: November 22, 1960

First meetings of the groups: January 6, 11, and 12, 1961

Joint meeting of the groups: April 10, 1961

Second meetings of the groups: April 10-14, 1961

Group for Configurations and Aerodynamics

Group for Guidance and Control

Group on Heating

Group on Human Factors

Group for Instrumentation and Communications

Group for Mechanical Systems

Group for Onboard Propulsion

Group on Structures and Materials

Group on Trajectory Analysis

Manned Lunar Landing Task Group

(Low Committee)

Date of organization: January 5-6, 1961

Date of first meeting: January 9, 1961

Date of second meeting: January 16, 1961

Report submitted to Robert C. Seamans, Jr., NASA Associate Administrator: February 7, 1961

Ad Hoc Committee on Space

(Wiesner Committee)

Report submitted to President-elect John F. Kennedy: January 10, 1961

Ad Hoc Task Group for a Manned Lunar Landing Study

(Fleming Committee)

Date of formation: May 2, 1961

Report submitted to Robert C. Seamans, Jr., NASA Associate Administrator: June 16, 1961


Launch Vehicles


Life Sciences

Advanced Technology

Space Sciences

Lundin Committee

Date of formation: May 25, 1961

Study completed and submitted to Robert C. Seamans, Jr., NASA Associate Administrator: June 10, 1961

Ad Hoc Task Group for Study of Manned Lunar Landing by Rendezvous Techniques

(Heaton Committee)

Date of organization: June 1961

Report submitted to Robert C. Seamans, Jr., NASA Associate Administrator: August 1961

Launch Vehicle Performance and Logistics

Guidance and Control

Orbital Launch Operations

Advanced Technology

Manned Lunar Landing Coordination Group

Date of first meeting: July 6, 1961

DOD-NASA Large Launch Vehicle Planning Group

(Golovin Committee)

Date of organization: July 20, 1961

Source Evaluation Board

(for evaluation of contractors' proposals for the Apollo spacecraft)

Date of appointment: July 28, 1961

Report submitted to James E. Webb,

NASA Administrator: November 24, 1961

Nonvoting members: George M. Low, James T. Koppenhaver, Brooks C. Preacher

Technical Subcommittee

Date of appointment: August 7, 1961

Evaluation of proposals began: October 9, 1961

Reported submitted to Source Evaluation Board: November 1, 1961

Technical Subpanels

Report submitted to Technical Subcommittee: October 25, 1961

Systems Integration


Flight Mechanics

Trajectory Analysis
Guidance and Control

Structures, Materials, and Heating

Human Factors

Crew Considerations
Training and Crew Participation

Instrumentation and Communications


Onboard Systems

Auxiliary Power Supplies
Environmental Control Systems
Landing and Recovery Systems
Mechanical Systems

Ground Operational Support Systems and Operations

Ground Operational Support Systems

Technical Development Plan



Business Subcommittee

Date of organization: August 16, 1961

Evaluation of proposals began: October 9, 1961

Report submitted to the Source Evaluation Board: November 3, 1961

Business Assessment Panels

Organization and Management
Subcontract Administration

MSFC-MSC-LOC Coordination Panels

(originally designated MSFC-MSC Coordination Panels);

Date of establishment: October 3, 1961

Date of first meeting: November 8, 1961

Panels reported to:

Space Vehicle Review Board (MSFC-MSC-LOC Space Vehicle Review Board), which consisted of the Directors of the three Centers (Wernher von Braun, Robert R. Gilruth, and Kurt H. Debus); division directors and other key technical personnel; NASA Headquarters representatives; observers; specialists; panel representatives invited to attend by the Directors of MSFC, MSC, and LOC.

Electrical Systems Integration Panel


Instrumentation and Communication Panel


Mechanical Integration Panel


Flight Mechanics, Dynamics, Guidance, and Control Panel


Launch Operations Panel


Mission Control Operations Panel


Crew Safety Panel


MSFC-MSC Advanced Program Coordination Board

Date of first meeting: October 20, 1961

Attended first meeting:


Rosen Working Group

Date of organization: November 6, 1961

Recommendations submitted to D. Brainerd Holmes, Director, Office of Manned Space Flight:

November 20, 1961

Manned Space Flight Management Council

Date of formation and first meeting: December 21, 1961

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