August 9, 1961, through November 7, 1962

Principal Contractor - Spacecraft

                                                           Value of
Company                          System                    millions)
==============================   =======================   =========
North American Aviation, Inc.,   Command and               $900
Space and Information            service modules
Systems Division


Aerojet-General Corp.            Service module            $ 28.423
                                 propulsion motor

Avco Corp.                       Ablative heatshield       $ 22.462

Beech Aircraft Corp.             Supercritical gas         $  4
                                 storage system

Collins Radio Co.                Communications and data   $ 96.996

Garrett Corp.,                   Environmental control     $ 44.735
AiResearch Mfg. Co.              system

Lockheed Propulsion Co.          Launch escape and         $  9.702
                                 pitch control motors

Marquardt Corp.                  Reaction control motors   $ 19.593
                                 (service module)

Minneapolis-Honeywell            Stabilization             $104.064
Regulator Co.                    and flight control

Northrop Corp.,                  Earth landing system      $ 10.486
Ventura Division

Thiokol Chemical Corp.,          Escape system             $  2.629
Hunter-Bristol Division          jettison motors

United Aircraft Corp.,           Space suit                $  l.550
Hamilton Standard Division

United Aircraft Corp.,           Fuel cell                 $ 43.531
Pratt & Whitney
Aircraft Division

Guidance and Navigation

Massachusetts Institute          Management of guidance    $ 71
of Technology,                   and navigation
Instrumentation Laboratory       development

General Motors Corp.,            Inertial platform and     $ 44.545
AC Spark Plug Division           associated ground
                                 support equipment

Kollsman Instrument Co.          Optical subsystems        $ 10

Raytheon Co.                     Onboard guidance          $ 15

Sperry Rand Corp.,               Accelerometers            $  0.747
Sperry Gyroscope Division

Lunar Excursion Module

Grumman Aircraft                 Lunar excursion module    Undeter-
Engineering Corp.                                          mined

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