Appendix 1

Glossary of Abbreviations

AAP - Apollo Applications Program

ACBWG - Apollo Reentry Communications Blackout Working Group

ACE - acceptance checkout equipment; also automatic checkout equipment

ACE - acceptance checkout equipment

S/C - spacecraft

ACED - AC Electronics Division, General Motors Corporation

AEC - Atomic Energy Commission

AEDC - Arnold Engineering Development Center, Air Force

AES - Apollo Extension System, forerunner of Apollo Applications Program

AFETR - Air Force Eastern Test Range

AFRM - airframe

AFSC - Air Force Systems Command

ALEP - Apollo lunar exploration program

ALSEP - Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package

ALSD - Apollo lunar surface drill

AMS - Apollo mission simulator

AOH - Apollo operations handbook

AP - Associated Press

ARC - Ames Research Center

AS - Apollo-Saturn

ASPO - Apollo Spacecraft Program Office, MSC

ASSB - Apollo Site Selection Board

ASTT - Apollo Special Task Team

ATM - Apollo telescope mount

BAC - Bell Aerospace Company or, before January 1970, Bell Aerosystems Company

BeV - billion electron volts

BIG - biological isolation garment

BTU - British thermal unit

degrees C - degrees Celsius (centigrade)

CARIDS - customer acceptance review item dispositions

CARR - Customer Acceptance Readiness Review

CASE - Coordinated Aerospace Supplier Evaluation

cc - cubic centimeter(s)

CCB - Configuration Control Board

CDR - commander

cm - centimeter(s)

CM - command module

CMP - command module pilot

cps - cycles per second (see Hz)

CSM - command and service modules

cu m - cubic meter(s)

DCR - Design Certification Review

DFI - development flight instrumentation

DOD - Department of Defense

DPS - descent propulsion system

EASEP - Early Apollo Science Experiments Package

ECP - engineering change proposal

ECS - environmental control system

EDCP - engineering design change proposal

EDS - emergency detection system

ELS - earth landing system

EMS - entry monitor system

EMU - extravehicular mobility unit

EO - engineering order

eV - electron volts(s)

EVA - extravehicular activity

degrees F - degrees Fahrenheit

FCOD - Flight Crew Operations Directorate

FCSM - flight combustion stability monitor

FAI - Fédération Aéronautique International (International Aeronautical Federation)

FOD - Flight Operations Directorate

FRR - Flight Readiness Review

G - specific gravity

g - gram, gravity

GAEC - Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation

GAO - Government Accounting Office

GE - General Electric Company

GET - ground elapsed time

GFE - government-furnished equipment

GLEP - Group for Lunar Exploration Planning

GMT - Greenwich mean time

GSE - ground support equipment

GSFC - Goddard Space Flight Center

HEAO - High Energy Astronomy Observatory (satellite)

HF - high frequency

Hz - hertz (unit of frequency: 1 cycle per second)

IBM - International Business Machines Corporation

ICBC - Interagency Committee on Back Contamination

IMU - inertial measurement unit

ITT - International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation

J - joule

JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JSC - Johnson Space Center (Manned Spacecraft Center before February 1973)

K - kelvin(s)

kg - kilograrn(s)

km - kilometer(s)

km/hrs - kilometers per hour

KSC - Kennedy Space Center

LaRC - Langley Research Center

LC - Launch Complex

LEM - lunar excursion module

LeRC - Lewis Research Center

LES - launch escape system

LGI - lunar geology investigation

LION - Lunar International Observer Network

LLRF - Lunar Landing Research Facility

LLRV - lunar landing research vehicle

LLTV - lunar landing training vehicle

LM - lunar module

LMP - lunar module pilot

LMS - lunar module simulator

LMSS - lunar mapping and survey system

LOI - lunar orbit insertion

LOLA - lunar orbit and landing approach

LOX - liquid oxygen

LRL - Lunar Receiving Laboratory

LRV - lunar roving vehicle

LSI - Lunar Science Institute

LTA - lunar module test article

m - meter(s)

mascons - mass concentrations of dense material on lunar surface

MC - megacycles

MCC (H) (K) - Mission Control Center (Houston) (Kennedy)

MCP - mission control programmer

MCR - master change record

MDF - mild detonating fuse

MDOP - maximum design operating pressure

MET - mobile equipment transporter

MeV - million electron volts

MHz - megahertz (million cycles per second)

min - minute(s)

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

mm - millimeter

MMH - monomethylhydrazine

MOL - Manned Orbiting Laboratory

MRB - Material Review Board

MSC - Manned Spacecraft Center (became Johnson Space Center February 1973)

MSFC - Marshall Space Flight Center

MSFN - Manned Space Flight Network

MSOB - Manned Spacecraft Operations Building

M&SS - Mapping and survey system

Mw - megawatt(s)

NAA - North American Aviation, Inc. (until Sept. 22, 1967)

NAR (NR) - North American Rockwell Corporation (Sept. 22, 1967-Feb. 16, 1973; then Rockwell International Corporation)

NAS - National Academy of Sciences

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASM - National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution

nm - nautical mile(s)

NR - North American Rockwell Corporation (North American Aviation, Inc., before Sept. 22, 1967; Rockwell International Corporation Feb. 16, 1973)

NSSDC - National Space Science Data Center

OAO - Orbiting Astronomical Observatory (satellite)

OART - Office of Advanced Research and Technology, NASA Headquarters

OAS - optical alignment sights

OCP - Operational Checkout Procedure

OMSF - Office of Manned Space Flight, NASA Headquarters

OPS - oxygen purge system

ORDEAL - orbital rate drive electronics for Apollo and LM

ORI - Operational readiness inspection

OSO - Orbiting Solar Observatory (satellite)

OSSA - Office of Space Science and Applications, NASA Headquarters

OTDA - Office of Tracking and Data Acquisition, NASA Headquarters

PAD - project approval document

PDR - Preliminary Design Review

PGA - pressure garment assembly

PHS - Public Health Service

PI - principal investigator

PIB - Pyrotechnic Installation Building

PLSS - portable life support system

pogo - launch vehicle induced oscillations (not an acronym; derived from "pogo stick" analogy)

PSAC - President's Scientific Advisory Committee

psi - pounds per square inch

psia - pounds per square inch absolute

PTV - parachute test vehicle

RASPO - Resident Apollo Spacecraft Program Office

RCA - Radio Corporation of America

RCS - reaction control system

RF - radio frequency

RTCC - Real Time Computer Complex

RTG - radioisotope thermoelectric generator

RTV - room temperature vulcanizing

SAMSO - Space and Missiles Organization, Air Force

S/C - spacecraft

SEB - Source Evaluation Board

sec - second(s)

SEQ - scientific equipment

SESL - Space Environmental Simulation Laboratory

SEVA - Stand-up extravehicular activity

S-IB - Saturn IB launch vehicle first stage

S-IC - Saturn V launch vehicle first stage

S-II - Saturn second stage

S-IVB - Saturn IB second stage; Saturn V third stage

SID - Space and Information Systems Division, NAA

SIM - scientific instrument module

SLA - spacecraft-lunar module adapter

SLSS - supplementary life support system

SM - service module

SPF - single point failure

SPS - service propulsion system

sq cm - square centimeter(s)

sq m - square meter(s)

SSC - spacesuit communications

STAG - Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee, university-NASA

STG - Space Task Group, NASA (forerunner of Manned Spacecraft Center); Space Task Group, President's (1969)

SWIP - Super Weight Improvement Program

TCP - test and checkout procedures

TEI - transearth injection (insertion into trajectory to earth)

TLI - translunar injection (insertion into trajectory to moon)

TM - test model

TV - thermal vacuum-test article; also television

V - volt(s)

VHF - very high frequency

W - Watt(s)

WIF - Water Immersion Facility

WSMR - White Sands Missile Range, Army

WSTF - White Sands Test Facility, MSC, NASA

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